Teenagers Hiking in Forest

  Summer Camps, Durham NC

All Outdoors All Play All Day

  Summer Camps, Durham NC

We will be adding Eat Your Path Well (gardening and garden boxes) and Cluck Your Path Well (Chickens, Eggs, and Chicken houses). Al and sons can come to your house and build garden boxes so you and your children can eat wholesome, homegrown food. We can also build a chicken house for your family and include 3 hens for fresh eggs daily. You can also choose an option where your child helps in the building process of the garden bed and chicken coop to learn carpentry schools and gardening skills. To learn more see our Eat Your Path Well and Cluck Your Path Well page. 

After taking 2019, 2020 season off, and getting back into camp shape,  Al is itching to teach wilderness skills again and help children unplug and get outside. Al wants to create a very safe environment where campers can learn outdoor/naturalist skills, unplug, get fresh air, explore, play, have fun, and make friends. Our program will focus on archery, marksmanship, fire making, fire cooking, naturalist hikes and field games. To learn more about our summer camp programs see our Walk Your Path Well Camps page.